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Supercharge your Product with AI-powered UX

Intuitive plug & play SDK components to build & ship faster than ever before

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Take your product experience to the next level with intuitive plug & play UI components

Product Led Activation, Conversion & Retention

UI Components to Kickstart user engagement with intuitive tools, setting the stage for seamless onboarding.

Quizzes & Survey

Encourages users to start interacting with the platform. eg: Onboarding or Dropoff quizzes

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User Feedback Workflow

Engages users by providing avenues to give more detailed feedback.

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Inline feedback

Allows users to quickly provide feedback, which can help in understanding initial reactions and tailor user experience.

Screen Shot 2023-10-20 at 10.48.48 AM.png

Chat with AI Assistant

A direct engagement tool for users seeking clarity or assistance.

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Daily checkin

A sleek interface for users to effortlessly log and track daily activities, tasks, and mood.

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