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Increase B2B Saas Adoption & Engagement rates by Activating Right Users at the Right Time in your Product

10x the speed at which you build and ship powerful user experience Quest's SDKs and Intelligent User Activation platform.

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Results Using Quest

Churn Reduction
Increase in Conversions
Increase in Engagement
Avg Revenue per User


Leverage Quest's Pre-built UI SDK Components to drive intelligent user Activation for your B2B Product

Optimize your product's funnel and take more users from adoption to engagement to conversion using Quest's SDKs and intelligent user activation platform.

Onboarding Quiz - Personalized Pathways

  • Personalize the Experience Users are unique, and so should be their onboarding. Kickstart the journey with a quiz that adapts the user's onboarding path to their answers.
  • Intelligent RoutingDirect users to features and modules that match their role, industry, or interest, enhancing relevance and reducing time-to-value.
  • Actionable InsightsCollect data on user preferences and requirements from the onset, allowing for a refined product experience and targeted follow-up.
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In-App Guides - Clarity Through Guidance

  • Simplify NavigationHelp users find their way with pop-up guides that illuminate your software's key features and workflows, making complex systems accessible.
  • On-Demand AssistanceEnable users to invoke guides at their convenience, ensuring support is always just a click away.
  • On-Demand AssistanceEnable users to invoke guides at their convenience, ensuring support is always just a click away.
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Tooltips: Contextual Nuggets of Wisdom

  • In-Context LearningEmbed tooltips throughout the interface to provide contextual information and tips, allowing users to learn in the flow of work.
  • On-the-Spot SupportReduce confusion and support queries with immediate, hover-over insights that answer questions before they arise.
  • User-Controlled DiscoveryEmpower users to uncover additional functionality at their own pace, fostering a sense of self-guided competence.
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New Feature Announcements: Keeping Users in the Know

  • Build AnticipationAnnounce new features within the app, creating a buzz and ensuring users feel up-to-date and involved.
  • Drive ExplorationUse announcements as launch points for new interactive walkthroughs or guides, encouraging users to explore and adopt new functionalities.
  • Measure ImpactAnalyze engagement with new feature announcements to inform future product communications and development strategies.
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Inline Feedback: The Pulse of First Impressions

  • Capture Authentic ReactionsUse inline feedback prompts to gauge user sentiment at critical moments, gathering insights into the user experience.
  • Iterate with IntentLeverage feedback to iteratively refine the onboarding process, ensuring it remains aligned with user expectations and needs.
  • Show You CareRespond to user feedback where appropriate, demonstrating commitment to user satisfaction and continuous improvement.
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In-App Image Banner: Educate Through Visuals

  • Draw Attention EasilyImplement image banners within the app to draw attention to specific features, special offers, or important information.
  • Brand StorytellingUse visual elements to convey your brand's story and values, fostering an emotional connection with users.
  • Conversion DriverStrategically place image banners to direct users toward conversion points, such as upgrading plans or engaging with new modules.
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Inline Feedback: The Pulse of First Impressions

  • First Impressions MatterDesign a compelling and intuitive starting screen that outlines core actions users should take, setting the tone for a productive onboarding experience.
  • Quick WinsHighlight actions that lead to immediate value, fostering a sense of achievement that encourages further exploration.
  • Ongoing ReferenceEnsure the Get Started screen remains useful beyond the initial log-in, serving as a home base for users to return to as they deepen their product usage.
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